Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Leaving Las Vegas

Didnt get a chance to update the blog while over in Vegas unfortunately, well maybe if I had ran better I would have made time and there would have been planty of updates. On the poker side there really wasn't much to tell. I lasted about 4 and a half of the five levels of day 1 of the main event. Had a pretty good starting table which had two pretty bad players.The only hand I won in level one however was when I raised in early position and everyone folded, all other hands I played bascially envolved my cbets getting raised and I had to muck and I couldnt manage to isolate any bad player unfortunately until the second level. I raised in the cut off with A7o and the flop came A J 9 rainbow. I cbet and the bad player calls ( he was calling down really light with the last two hours btw) turn comes another J and I fire half pot, he calls. He checks again on a 7 river and I put out another half pot bet. He snap calls with 10 8 o for the rivered straight. He then proceeds to tell me that I should have bet more so he would have folded the flop or turn. I said thanks for the advice:-) I lost another pot where I had big draw and bet flop and turn but never hit, had to fold to a river donk bet. The third pot I last was with AK in a three bet pot, no A or K on the flop versus an old Italian guy who was pretty tight.

At this stage I was down to 6k or 20 Big blinds. I survive the next level by pushing over peoples raises and finally doubled up to 11k with AKs versus A6s all in pre. I remained at 11k until the half way through the last level. A young americian guy raised from the cut off and I 3bet 10 10 from the small blind, he instantly shoves and I call it off pretty sure I'm flipping. He tables AK both hearts. The flop comes 9 high with one heart so I think my luck might be changing for the day, unfortunately 6 of hearts on the turn and 2 of hearts on the river seal my fate and I'm gone. Meh, gotta win flips in these things to have any chance.

Decided to head to Binions on the following day for a 2 day deep stacked $1000 tournament. I lasted about 6 hours in another card dead day. During the rest of vegas I didnt spend much time playing live, just one 2-3 hour live $2-5 cash session where I actually won $135 to my surprise!! Overall though the week was excellent. Got to meet alot of new poker players, had some great piss ups, good food and the clubs over are excellent. Unfortunately our trip home took about 10 hours longer due to delays so I'm still pretty wrecked today. My plan for the month is too hopefully get in up to 20k hands at 400 and 600 NL so its back to the nightly grind after a week and a half off.