Monday, June 29, 2009

June done and dusted

Pretty good month overall, got almost 50k hands played, mostly 400NL but I also played about 10k hands of 600NL and 1000NL. I made a profit of $15k + ~3k in RB even though I ran terribly in all in EV, about $7k below. I made alot of changes this month, the biggest one being that I now play between 4-8 tables typically, usually 5 or 6, instead of the 10-12 I had been playing at 100 and 200NL. This has allowed me to concentrate on the gameflow and play more aggressively in general. I still have a few leaks to work on though, namely my 3betting frequencies from late positions are still a bit low and I'm also still calling too many 3bets. These have improved a bit this month but I still think there's plenty of room left to improve this part of my game.

Obviously the highlight of the month was my winning of the $13K WSOP package. I'm going to be flying to Vegas on Saturday the 4th and will be playing on day 1d on the Monday. I have played a grand total of 4 hours of live poker so far this year!! That was the €1500 side event of this years Irish Open so I'm looking forward to getting a good few hours in at the live tables in Vegas. I had one decent cash this month in a tournament, that was $5k for 3rd place in a $100 40k guaranteed on stars. I played a good few more and ended up with about $3k profit over the month. I'll probably only have one or two more nights playing poker before vegas and I'll spend these playing big field on line tournaments to try and get my head into nitty tournament mode rather than aggro 6max cash mode. I'll take my laptop with me to vegas and will hopefully have loads of updates to be blogging about, if not maybe some crazy bad beat!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Vegas Baby!!!!!

So I managed to qualified on Sunday night for the main event of the WSOP which kicks off on July the 3rd. The package ($13k) includes accomodation starting on the 4th for a week and money for flights. I'll probably play either day 1c on the sunday or day 1d on the monday. Really looking forward to this now as I hadn't planned on trying to sat into it at all. hopefully I'll have loads of updates to post here in 3 weeks!!

Above is my graph for the month so far, pretty happy with the volume of hands and I've managed to maintain a good winrate so far even though I've been running pretty bad in all in EV. If i can maintain this for the month then I might even pull off a >20k month with my tournament winnings and rakeback included, I didnt think that would even be a possibility at the start of the month!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Running Bad

I suppose the month was going too well so the poker gods decide to make me run about 9 buyins under in all in EV. Hopefully the last two days of coolers and bad beats will turn around soon and who knows I might actually win a flip again.

Monday, June 8, 2009

So far so good

Good start to the month, up $7k in cash and up about $1.5k in tournaments thanks to a 20th place cash in the ecoop $100 rebuy event, lost a few crucial flips near the end so a bit disappointed that I didnt go further. Satellited into the $1500 main event on sunday also but never got going and went out with about about 400 left. My bankroll is now over $20k so hopefully this heater continues for another while.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Graph of the last 2 months

117k Hands at a winrate of 2BB/100 and about 5k in rakeback.

First Post

I've decided to track my on line results at mid stakes over the upcoming weeks and months. The story so far is that I deposited 2.5k near the end of March and began grinding 100NL, thankfully I ran well and jumped to 200NL when my bankroll hit 4k after 10kish hands, I made about $5k in April and $2k in rakeback so I was off to a good start. Straight away in May however I managed to drop $4k in a week or 2 through a mixture of coolers and downright terrible play, I grinded on however and managed to claw it back and somehow ended up with a $4k profit and $3k in rakeback for the month! I've played a few tournaments and made a small withdrawel which has left me with a bankroll of ~$13.5k to take a shot at midstakes.

I'll put up a graph of my results since April the 1st in my next post. I dont play poker professionally but just as a pass time and for some extra money, so I dont mind taking shots at 400NL with about 30 buy ins, I dont think it will affect my play and I can drop back down if I hit a 10 buy in down swing or if I'm losing at this level. So far I've grinded out >50k hands each month by 8-10 tabling but I think I'll cut back to 4-8 for 400NL as the regulars are alot better at exploiting robotic multi-tablers. I also have alot of leaks that will be alot easier to plug by playing less tables. I'm aiming to get over 45k hand this month but dont have a realistic idea what my winrate (lossrate) will be. I'll set a rough conservative target of >=10 buyins and probably $3k in rakeback for this month to be somewhat realistic. I'll post up weekly graphs to show how its going and any big or interesting hands.