Saturday, October 31, 2009

Another good month.

Cash went ok this month, I played better than I had the last few months and played 25k hands at 5/10, I was pretty breakeven with a profit of 2.5k + another 2.5k in RB, ran slightly down in ev though. Its the first month that i'm comfortable playing at 5/10 and I'm pretty confident that I'll beat it. Gonna aim for 40k hands there next month and some profit hopefully.

Tournaments went really well, about 5 final tables and one big score. I won just over $53k and also a $650 bonus on stars. I also won about $3k staking some boardsies into the 80k guaranteed. So I made about 60k profit in total this month which is pretty epic, I'd say I wont be topping that any time soon! I have splashed out a couple of k on a new computer and a new 30" monitor also which should be arriving next week, so i'll have no excuse for not playing well next month!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Big Tournie Score!

So the IWF went ok this weekend, got through the first day with a 52k stack, which meant I was nicely placed in about 30th of the 200 remaining for the second day. Started the second day well and was up to 85k after 3 levels. I then lost a flip with AK versus 99 for a 67k pot, this put me back to below average and I never really got going after, donked out about 9 o clock pushing Ad3d into 66. Went out about 75th i'd say.

Went back to my room in the Citywest and fired up a few tournies on stars. I ended up playing straight through the night and cashing 10 hours later in the Sunday 500k in 3rd place for $52.5k. Biggest score yet so I'm really happy with that, puts me well back in to the green for the month too!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Droping back down

Time to say goodbye to 5/10 for the month again! Running bad for the month has taken its toll and my last two sessions on sunday and monday at 5/10 were a complete disaster. I lost another couple of flips and was running about 18k under in ev. This lead to me tilting pretty badly so i've decided to drop back down to 2/4 and 3/6 for a while again. I'm well overrolled for these but dont see the point in spewing off any more money up at 5/10. Might take a shot next month again, just gotta run good next time I move up.

Played the IPO on Saturday, pretty uneventful. Drove up Saturday morning, started with 9k chips and fluctated between 6k and 11k for 3 hours, then lost a flip all in pre with Ako versus JJ, was home in Cork for half 9. Pretty standard. I'll be playing the IWF this weekend, having qualified online, hopefully I win a few flips in this one. Havent cashed in any live event this year which is pretty disappointing. I've played the IO side event, the wsop main event, a 1k event in Binnions, the macau festival, Kilarney and the IPO. So thats 6 events and nothing to show, you'd think i'd get the hint! The IWF and the pokerstars IPC in galway will be my last live outings for the year I'd say so hopefully I'll make a good showing in one of them.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm playing alot better this month than last but unfortunately my results aren't reflecting this. Running 14 buyins under in all in ev at the moment but hopefully I can keep playing well and it will turn around soon. This will be my first month playing 1000NL as my main game so it would be nice to book a profit. The tournaments have been going ok, up over 1k and I've had planty of deep runs, without breaking into the top 5 places. I managed to final table 2 tournaments in one night for the first time ever this week, came 9th in the $100 rebuy and 7th in the $100 1R1A, was short stacked in both and did well to make it as far as I did in them.

I managed to lose and win my 2 biggest pots ever in cash on Saturday night also. Arrived back at a house party at half 2 after my cousins 21st(slightly the worse for wear). Decided to download pokerstars on a laptop there and play something for the craic. Jumped into a 5000NL full ring game, thankfully I stayed away from anything higher. Lost a 5k pot by firing 3 barrels into someones top pair top kicker, but then won it back with AK on a 345 A 8 board versus AJ for a 5.2kish pot. Hopefully I wont be doing that again anytime soon.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Late September update!

I managed to be breakeven in cash for last month after a pretty severe ~25k down swing. Was after clawing it back to +6k but donked off 8k right at the end to leave me down about 2k but up 1k after rakeback. Ended up with about 40k profit playing tournies on stars, so managed to make a nice profit for the month.

The plan is to only play 5/10 this month, less volume than last month but hopefully a bit more quality. Off to a good start over the first couple of k hands anyway.

Played in Killarney last weekend, not much to say really, played pretty tight aggressive and went reasonably deep, went out in a flip with 44 versus A10 after dwindling down to 10bb. Came about 120th or 130th, not too sure exactly, 77 got paid. Gonna play the IPO and possibly the Irish Winter festival this month too.

Just thought i'd add in this graph of all my hands since I started grinding again around April the 1st. 280k hands in 6 months, won 49k + ~20k in RB, 2 big downswings greater than 20k make it look pretty swingy. Pretty happy with it, wouldnt have thought I'd move up through the stakes so fast.