Monday, August 31, 2009

I run good

Bascially I just ran good for ~3000 hands at 1000NL right at the end of the month. Couldnt lose a flip and just bascially coolering people left, right and centre. If only it was always that easy! Biggest winning month so far, winning $20k+ 3kRB in cash and about another 20k playing tournies on stars.
I played more tournaments than any other month even though i said i wouldn't play any more in a recent post! I'm gonna probably play a few of the WCOOP events on stars this month but overall try and reduce the ammount of tournies i'm playing. I'm ending up playing 5-6 tournies while playing 5-6 tables of cash. This is leading me to slip into old bad habbits and just generally not concentrating on cash enough. Gonna aim to play 40k hands next month, hopefully most of these will be at 1000NL now that i'm properly rolled. If i end up winning even half as much as this month it would be a good month!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Quick Update

Played live at the weekend in the macau but only lasted until near the end of the first day. Played bad and ran bad for must of the day. I seem to get bored live and get over aggressive, this doesn't work well when half the table are calling stations and are not gonna fold 2nd pair on an ace high flop, because they obviously know that they are gonna hit 2 pair on the turn and boat up by the river! Thats 4 live tournaments this year and no decent run in any of them, I'll probably play one or two more before the year is out and hopefully get a cash in something!

Online I'm up about another $2k in the cash games since my last post, so thats about $4k + $2k in RB in total for the month. More importantly though I won the daily 80k on pokerstars last night for $14.9k. I play this tournament alot and have final tabled it 4 times now I think. My biggest win previously was about $12k for coming 3rd in it one sunday when it was 200k guaranteed.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Swingy month!

So far this month its been really swingy, win 2k one day then lose it the next!! Glad to be in profit though because I'm not playing great, spewing a fair bit and calling down too light when I know I shouldn't. Up $2.3k though which is $3.6k in total with RB included so cant complain.Just gotta play better. Here's the biggest pot of the month so far, hopefully more of these will follow.

UTG ($400)
Hero (MP) ($983.60)
CO ($848.80)
Button ($1093.24)
SB ($1014.65)
BB ($470.20)

Dealt to Hero [ As Ah ]
UTG folds
Hero raises [$14.00 USD]
CO folds
Button calls [$14.00 USD]
SB raises [$63.00 USD]
BB folds
Hero raises [$122.00 USD]
Button folds
SB calls [$71.00 USD]
** Dealing Flop ** [ Jd, 8s, Qs ]
SB checks
Hero bets [$168.00 USD]
SB raises [$878.65 USD]
Hero calls [$679.60 USD]
** Dealing Turn ** [ Kc ]
** Dealing River ** [ Js ]
Hero wins $1982.20 USD from main pot
SB wins $31.05 USD from main pot
SB shows [9d, 9c ]

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bad start to the month

Really bad start to the month again, seems to be a bit of a habit. About 5000 hands done and down $3k, not playing great and cant seem to win a hand. Gonna take tonight off to get a break from it, as i dont want to drop any more and have to spend the rest of the month grinding it back again! Hopefully I'll be in a better frame of mind for it on Thursday or Friday. If not I might take a few days off altogether as there's not much point in playing when your slightly tilted and not playing great.

Played a few tournaments too in the last couple of days but I had no big score. Was going well in the Sunday million on stars but got card dead at the wrong time and exited about 320th of ~8000 when i pushed with 12bbs with A7o and was called with JJ. I was going well in a 100 rebuy on ipoker last night too but my QQ was no match for JJ all in pre for a nice stack nearing the bubble. I wont play any more for the month now I'd say as they take so long and usually the outcome is a pretty small cash. Looking forward to playing live though in two weeks, hopefully I 'll be playing better and more importantly running better by then.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Breakeven July

The first graph , from the last 4 months, is how I've got on since I've started grinding cash again. Pretty happy so far, almost 200,000 hands played and I'm up $22k + about $9k in rakeback. The interesting thing about the graph is that at about 100k hands my winnings fron non showdown started increasing. This is when I stopped playing 8-12 tables in favour of 4-8. I've also managed to run pretty bad in the last 40k hands but have stilled maintained a decent winrate so I'm happy with that.

This month however I was breakeven but I'm pretty happy as it could have been much worse. After I came back from Vegas I was playing and running really bad, this was leading to tilt and with these three conbined it meant that I was down $10k after about 8 days and only 8k hands played! At this stage I stopped playing 600NL, only played good 400NL tables and grinded the rest of the month out at 200NL mostly. This worked well and I managed to start playing better. I didnt think I'd be able to rescue the month but in my last session last night I won $1.5k at 400NL. With rakeback included I'm actually up $1.3k for the month. Next month I hope to get about 60k hands played and I'm also gonna play the Macau €1100 tournament which is on in cork in two weeks.