Monday, November 30, 2009

A breakeven month

So not much excitement this month, down a bit in cash and up a bit in tournaments for a pretty breakeven month. 5/10 hasn't gone well for me so far at all so I'm going to drop back down to mid stakes next month. I'm back at ipoker now too and have booked my first ever coaching session for this week. I've 5 hours in total booked so hopefully I'll get through these in December. I hope that this investment will improve my game and I'll be back at high stakes again soon enough. I'm going to aim for >40k hands next month and hopefully some decent profit. I'll be heading for Galway on the 11th also for some live action, hopefully i can get a run in this and break my duck for the year in live tournaments at last.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Booted out!

So I got kicked off VC last weekend, bit disappointing as it will be hassle trying to get money moved around to another site on ipoker. I'd doubt i'll reach my goal of 40k hands at 5/10 for the month either now. Manage 3rd in the $100 rebuy on stars last night so at least tournies are going better now for me. Played badly when it got 3 handed though which was frustrating.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Short update

Started the month off well at 5/10 winning 10-15 buyins but donked back most of it over the last few days, I'd say I'm about breakeven now. I suppose its better than the last 2 months where I've been deep in the red at this stage of the month. Tournaments have been going really bad, have only cashed in about 9% instead of my usual 16-18%, about time variance caught up with me in these things though too I suppose. Volume has been poor this month, mainly due to building my new PC which still isnt working! Going to have to accept defeat at this stage and get someone in to help me get it up and running. As soon as I get it going i'll post a few pics of my new setup. I did win a step 6 to the Galway UKIPT on pokerstars though the other night, looking forward to that already, twill probably be my last live outing for a while.