Friday, September 25, 2009

Still in a downswing.

Pretty happy with my volume of play this month, the quality though still leaves alot to be desired. Down almost $14k but + 2.8k in RB in cash. I'm running below ev but I shouldnt have lost nearly as much this month, which is disappointing. Tournaments are still going well though. probably up about $31k in them this month which leaves me with about $18k profit in total for the month so far. Hopefully I can grind back a few k in cash in the next few days and start next month playing a bit better.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another good tournie score.

I managed to take down the $100 rebuy on stars last night for $30k, got lucky in the end heads up but played pretty well throughout. Good nite for boardsies all round as Reilly took down a massive ~180k score in the Wcoop plus some others cashing in the same event! I have played really badly in all the Wcoops I have played. I'm probably gonna play the main event next Sunday if I can take the Monday off work, maybe one other event during during the week. I'm up about 35k in total on stars now for the month which is pretty good as cash has being going badly.

I was running bad at 5/10 so I dropped down to 3/6 after losing 10 buyins! Quickly lost another 10 buyins at 600NL so dropped down again. This was all in the space of 3 days btw! pretty sick stuff. Thankfully I seemed to have turned the corner in the last 3 days and have won back a bit. I'm still well rolled for 5/10 but gonna stick to lower stakes until I build my confidence back up again. I'm approximately -12k (-8k in EV) in cash so far this month but +~1.5k in RB. In total I'm up about $25k for the month which is pretty sweet, hopefully i can claw back some more monies in cash before the month is out and if I could make breakeven at this stage I'd be very happy.