Monday, January 31, 2011

Roll on February.

Not the start to the year I was hoping for but there is definitely a few positives that came from the month even though the overall graph looks pretty grim. Had my best month at 2knl and 1knl where I played 80% of my hands, winning at a decent clip. Also got the most volume in one month in too.

5knl and 10knl however couldnt have went worse really, managed to drop 80k there in 10k, hands which is pretty impressive to say the least, mostly run bad and coolers involved but I didnt play the best either if I'm 100% honest. I think I'm gonna give these games a skip for a while and grind out a month or two of profit at 1knl and 2knl (hopefully) before I move back up, don't think my bankroll or myself can handle the variance of it! I'm probably gonna struggle to get in decent volume next month too, back GAA training next friday and heading away for 2 weekends so I'll aim to get >30k hands in and some sort of profit.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Poor run continues

Still running pretty bad this month, just cant seem to win a flip, down 68k in ev at this stage. Hopefully I manage to pick up a few k before the month is out and rescue it a bit but looks like it will be a losing start to the year unfortunately. Gonna play a few tournies tomorrow and take a well needed break from the cash, who knows might ship the mill or warmup to make up for the run bad!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Poor start!

Not the best start to the year unfortunately, running very bad at the higher stakes at the moment while doing well at the lower ones. Have got really good volume in so far with 30k hands played and have played relatively well, so at least there are some positives to show even though the bottom line figure is not great. Gonna aim for >50k hands for the month and hopefully some profit to get the year started with a winning month.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Guess who's back.

ThoughtI would revive the blog for 2011 and try and get back in the habbit of posting updates. Have not updated in over a year now! Wasn't a bad year for me pokerwise again, online Cash was vey swingy to say the least but i ended up coming out at the right side and shipped a healthy profit. I also cut back on the ammount of online tournies I played, not completely though but hopefully I'll reduce this number this year and concentrate more on high stakes cash. Probably still play the Sunday majors but that should be it i'd say. Below is the graph of last years cash. Just over 125k in profit after rakeback and ran -40k in ev.

Off to a slow start this year too and not runnimg great but hopefully it will improve, the plan is to play all my hands above 1knl for the year, well as long as the bankroll allows.