Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Had a good weekned in Galway, great hotel, good atmosphere around and got to meet up with a few boardsies. Poker wise it wasn't great. Started with 20k in chips on Friday, dwindled down to 13k over the first few hours, recovered a bit to 17k then doubled up to 35kish with a set versus AA, for the rest of the day things went pretty bad, got 3bet every time I had a marginal hand and couldnt get any cbets through. Finished the day with 23k.

I won one or two pots on my first table of day 2 to bring me up to 33k and then got moved table. Played 2 hands in 4 rounds of blinds here before I exited! First hand I open 88 utg, button 3bets and the sb 4bets, I fold and button folds. Next round of blinds its folded to the button who opens, sb 3bets and I shove about 25bb with 99, button folds and I run into KK, no 2 outer and I'm gone. Cant really complain though just never got going in this again. Great to hear that Irelands first supernova elite BigMickG managed 4th in this though, a really nice score and another great result for him. Hopefully he's celebrating wont stop him reaching elite again this year!

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