Sunday, January 9, 2011

Guess who's back.

ThoughtI would revive the blog for 2011 and try and get back in the habbit of posting updates. Have not updated in over a year now! Wasn't a bad year for me pokerwise again, online Cash was vey swingy to say the least but i ended up coming out at the right side and shipped a healthy profit. I also cut back on the ammount of online tournies I played, not completely though but hopefully I'll reduce this number this year and concentrate more on high stakes cash. Probably still play the Sunday majors but that should be it i'd say. Below is the graph of last years cash. Just over 125k in profit after rakeback and ran -40k in ev.

Off to a slow start this year too and not runnimg great but hopefully it will improve, the plan is to play all my hands above 1knl for the year, well as long as the bankroll allows.


  1. Wd on successful transition to cash online, most finding that very tough these days

  2. Cheers Dara. Nice year for yourself on stars too btw, impressive roi to say the least!

  3. Great to see you back in action with the blog, look forward to the updates