Monday, January 31, 2011

Roll on February.

Not the start to the year I was hoping for but there is definitely a few positives that came from the month even though the overall graph looks pretty grim. Had my best month at 2knl and 1knl where I played 80% of my hands, winning at a decent clip. Also got the most volume in one month in too.

5knl and 10knl however couldnt have went worse really, managed to drop 80k there in 10k, hands which is pretty impressive to say the least, mostly run bad and coolers involved but I didnt play the best either if I'm 100% honest. I think I'm gonna give these games a skip for a while and grind out a month or two of profit at 1knl and 2knl (hopefully) before I move back up, don't think my bankroll or myself can handle the variance of it! I'm probably gonna struggle to get in decent volume next month too, back GAA training next friday and heading away for 2 weekends so I'll aim to get >30k hands in and some sort of profit.

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